Exciting News for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

By: CIFS Staff

Exciting News for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

Exciting developments have emerged for individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage, as revealed by a recent study published in JAMA Network Open. The study demonstrates that the utilization of high-risk medications among Medicare Advantage beneficiaries is significantly lower compared to those in traditional Medicare. This notable difference can be attributed to the effective employment of utilization management strategies and the payment system within the Medicare Advantage program, which encourages physicians to prioritize cost-effective care.

It is crucial to address the issue of high-risk medications, which are frequently prescribed to older adults despite the potential dangers of avoidable hospitalization, increased health expenditure, and even mortality. The findings suggest that Medicare Advantage successfully manages these medications, providing a ray of hope for enrolled individuals.

However, the study also sheds light on existing disparities. Specifically, female beneficiaries, dual-eligibility beneficiaries, and American Indian or Alaska Native beneficiaries are more likely to receive high-risk medications. On the other hand, Asian, Black, and Hispanic beneficiaries are less likely to receive such medications, potentially due to challenges related to affordability.

Considering these disparities, the study recommends that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) explore broader incentivization strategies for medication management. This approach aims to reduce the rates of high-risk medication usage to levels comparable to those observed in Medicare Advantage. By implementing these measures, the overall well-being of all Medicare beneficiaries can be further enhanced.

Let us anticipate more positive transformations in our healthcare system! 🙌

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