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Life Insurance

Whole life insurance, a popular permanent life insurance option, provides lifelong coverage and combines a death benefit with a cash value component. Offering financial protection for your loved ones and long-term investment opportunities, whole life insurance can be a valuable addition to your financial plan.

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Term life insurance offers coverage for a predetermined period or "term," typically ranging from 10 to 30 years. If the policyholder passes away during the term, the death benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries. With its simple structure and focus on providing temporary coverage, it is a chosen choice for many.

Extra Insurance Benefits

CIFS offers various ancillary products designed to complement primary health insurance coverage. These products help policyholders manage out-of-pocket expenses and provide additional financial protection in the event of illness, accident, or disability. Below is a general overview of the types of products they may offer but, keep in mind that specific products, features, and availability may change over time.


CIFS wants to help you plan for your retirement. A CIFS advisor, will help you understand the different types of annuities available to help secure a stable income as you grow older. We will break down the key differences between fixed and variable annuities so you can make an informed decision for your financial future